Neon Race 2.0

Adobe Flash game published 12 years ago by Kongregate

Impossible to emulate

Neon Race 2.0 © 2012 Kongregate

Race at super speeds through futuristic landscapes. More speed, more upgrades, more unlocks, more TURBO!


Uses Adobe Flash
Players: 1
Controls: 4 arrow keys
Other keys: 1
[X] or [N] = turbo (when the key is held)


Released in February 2012.

Unlike its predecessor, this sequel uses simplified telemetry data (written in a linear graph way) with turbo usage (fuchsia line) and speed (cyan line).

The player can now drive one of 10 cars. The 'Phoenix' car is the same as in Neon Race, but this time is to be purchased.

Neon Race 2.0 is referred to Neon Race 2 on the game's advertisements clickable in other games published by Kongregate.


The first version had simply 'prize money' displayed before starting any level. The next release has been corrected to show 'maximum prize money' as many players complained they received the prize smaller than written before the stage.


* Hit only red (and on later stages) gold (rivals') vehicles. Don't hit any blue vehicles.
* Smash rivals for a big turbo boost bonus (half of the meter). All the rivals drive the same car as you.
* Ram killers off the road (by pushing them into any roadside barrier) or evade them by using turbo!
* Keep hitting both red and gold vehicles to extend turbo time.
* Get all the cash bonuses you encounter on the road.
* Pick both rampage and stealth icons up to extend the turbo time. The stealth icon makes the player invulnerable to vehicle collisions and doesn't reset the hit streak to 0.
* Don't pick the star icon giving you bonus score: you'll not redeem the points for in-game cash or score any achievement.
* The purchased upgrades are applied to all the cars, so you don't need to buy separate upgrades for Vernno, Farina or any other car.
* Score achievement #2 (Killer keen) by not pushing the cop into any barrier. You have to complete the stage with the nitro instead.
* Unlike its predecessor, you can use the nitro even if you hit just one car: simply hold [X] or [N]. Release either key to stop using nitro.
* Achievement #8 (Scratchless) isn't precisely explained: the game doesn't tell who a baddie is, so don't hit any car. You can do so easily on stage 1.
* The biggest hit streak can be reached on level #12 (big country): keep collecting rampage and stealth bonus icons.


1. Neon Race (2010)
2. Neon Race 2.0 (2012)


Developed by: LongAnimals