Nemesis '90 Kai [Model GS-166]

Sharp X68000 Series 5.25in. disk published 30 years ago by SPS

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Nemesis '90 Kai [Model GS-166] screenshot

ネメシス90 改 © 1993 SPS.
(Nemesis '90 Kai)

Full redrawn 16-bit graphics version of the MSX classic. Featuring a smoother scrolling and full remixed soundtrack. It includes two new stages exclusive to this version of the game, and four new bosses (two of which replace the rematches fought in the MSX version).

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BARCODE: 4956358101660


Nemesis '90 Kai was released on November 11, 1993 in Japan. Retail price: 8800 Yen.

Some people still prefer the original 1987 MSX version for its charm and color scheme.


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