Necros no Yousai [Model AK90001]

A 28-year-old NEC PC-Engine Game by ASK

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Necros no Yousai © 1990 ASK

Necros no Yousai is a simple and early action Role Playing Game game by Ask Kodansha and Lad-R. The monarch of black magic has revived eight heroes and they have been selected to fulfil various missions. Those characters follow traditional Role Playing character classes: a Hunter, an Amazon, an Elf, a Magician, a Dwarf, a Berserker, a Horse rider and a Samurai. The player starts his journey with the Elf and his archery equipment such as bow and arrows. He can walk around towns, chat with people or record his journey by talking to the Bard in the village's Inn. Unlike most RPGs, the view doesn't zoom-out when leaving a town. Instead, our hero walks along paths on a hand-drawn map and goes back to the action-view only when a new location is reached. Fights are round based, something which has become standard in Japanese RPG games. However, they are a lot more cinematic. Our heroes, and their enemies, are fully animated over the top half of the screen as they trigger special attacks and other fancy moves. The player's game can be saved and resumed using a complex password system based on Hiragana characters, making it tricky to use. Thankfully, the player's journey can also be saved using the backup unit.


HuCARD ID: AK90001
HuCARD Size: 4 Mbits.


Released on April 20, 1991 in Japan for 6300 Yen.
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