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NCAA Football 99

PC/MS-Windows CD published 26 years ago by EA Sports

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NCAA Football 99 © 1998 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]


Released on August 01, 1998 in the USA.


Programming: Roger, Jay, Shawn
Lead 2D/3D Artist: Nick Myerhoff
Artists: Glenn, Joel Shively, Jenn Sieck, James Chow, Norman Badillo, Mike Badillo, Russ Donegan, Phil Mikkelson
Additional Art Supplied By: Tiburon Studios, Flying Rhino
Executive Producer: John Vifian
Producer: Ken Balthaser Jr.
Line Producer: Matthew McKnight
Associate Producer: Dan Baker
Production Assistants: Michael Craft, Phil Frazier
Testers: Doug Doine, Scott Parker, Jeffrey Luhr, Jerry Kuhl, Maurice Bostick
Game Design: Dan Baker, Jeremy Strauser, Jay Obernolte
Additional Game Design: Shawn Shannon, Greg Zesinger, Phil Frazier
Supervising Producer: Mitzi S. McGilvray
Executive in Charge of Production: Scott Orr
Motion Capture Studio by House Of Moves.
Motion Capture Analyst by Testarossa.
Additional Motion Capture Processing: Alan Inglesis
Final Motion Capture Processing: Matthew Wynne
Specialized Audio: Mike Pendowski (Mike Pendowski Music)
Rosters and Ratings by Pro Sports Xchange Inc.
PA Announcer: Chuck White
Referee Voice Talent: Bill McCabe (WAC Referee)
Audio Splicing: David Whittaker
Audio Assistance: Ken Felton, Marc Farly
Video Processing: Eric Kornblum
Documentation: Jason Armatta
Director of Marketing: Chip Lange
Marketing Manager: H. Erik Whiteford
Product Relations: Scott Gamel, Trudy Muller
Legal: Sheri Sarkis, Stephen G. Bene, Siobhan Grady, Sue Garfield, Robert S. Roden
Lead Programmer: Jay Obernolte
Interface and Simulation Programming: Sean Shannon
Development Manager: Roger Walco
Special Thanks: Steven Chiang, John Schappert, Murray Allen, Michael Hensley, Pamela Chiappe, Kathleen Tarnutzer, Cristen Ange, James R. Bailey, Michael W. Weilbacher, Rob Jones, Jennifer Blackmon, Shannon Gudenkauf, Pat Battle, East-West Shrine Football Classic, CBS Sportsline USA, Music Annex, Chicago Recording Company, Foote Kirkpatrick, Tom Biancardi, Jon Vaden, Philip Cialdella (The Harry Fox Angency), Lynnae M. Crawford (MPL Communications)
Documentation Layout: Golden VizComm
Package Design: Michael Lippert
Package Art Diretion: Michael Lippert
Quality Assurance: Rico Sablan, Benjamin Crick, Jay Miller, Jamil Dawsari, Todd Manning
Package Photography: Allen Warren (The Ann Arbor News)


Game's disc.