NBA Live 97 [Model 7728]

Sega Genesis cart. published 27 years ago by EA Sports

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NBA Live 97 © 1996 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]

NBA Live 97 is the third installment of the NBA Live video games series. It features:
* 1996-97 updated rosters including rookies and over 300 NBA stars.
* All 29 NBA teams plus 2 NBA All-Star and 4 custom teams.
* Complete stats and ratings for all players, plus stat tracking during season play.
* Exhibition, Playoffs, and full 1996-97 NBA Schedule Season play.

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CART ID: 7728


The cover of the game features Mitch Richmond of the Sacramento Kings.

The game was rated K-A (Kids to Adults, generally suitable for all ages) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

The Shot Control feature detailed on page 10 of the manual is not featured in the game. It was stated by Electronic Arts that this was removed from the final version but the reason remains unknown.


Programmers: Ed Hellesen, Joseph M. Guagenti
Graphics & Animation: Dave Pasciuto, Mike S. Smith, Ken Thurston, Michael Vanaselja, Sebastiaan Reinarz
Producer for NUFX: Patrick Quinn
Music: Brian Schmidt
Additional SFX: Traz Damji
Executive Producer: Sam Nelson
Producer: Stanley Chow
Associate Producer: Tarrnie Williams
Design: Tarrnie Williams
Assistant Producer: Michael Klassen
Product Manager (US): Glenn Chin
Documentation: David C. Lee
Documentation Layout (US): Corinne Mah
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Package Design: Susan Spies
Package Photography: Rocky Widner, NBA Photos
QA Lead Tester: Chris Capell
Backup QA Lead: John Johnson
Testers: Darren Hagman, Adam Myhill, Dan Rodgers, David Lee, David Ham, Michael Samilski, Matthew Pryl, Doug Guest
QA Support: Gary Lam, Rod Higo
San Matteo Quality Assurance: Oliver Ongpin (Oscar), Barry Dorf (Freeze), Brian Winslow (Wolver)
Special Thanks: Amory Wong, Brian Krause, Renata Antonic, Zoe Quinn


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