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NBA Live 96 [Model SLUS-00060]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by EA Sports

Listed in MAME

NBA Live 96 © 1996 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]


Game ID: SLUS-00060


Released on March 29, 1996 in the USA. Retail price: $59.95

Export releases:
[JP] "NBA Live 96 [Model SLPS-00389]"

NBA LIVE 96 was the thirteenth PlayStation title shipped by Electronic Arts in 1996.

NBA LIVE 96 features more than 300 real NBA players as well as 29 NBA teams. To give consumers the most authentic basketball simulation, each player is accurately rated and performs based on his actual NBA statistics.


Lead Artist: Sheila Allan
Front End Design and Layout: Gregory R. Allen
Virtual Stadium Modeller: Daryl Anselmo
Intro and Victory Movies: David Laviolette
Virtual Stadium Texture Artist: Casey O'Brien, Ken Thurston
Front End Design: Sebastiaan Reinarz
Art Firefighter: Mike S. Smith
Lead Animator: Michael Vanaselja
Additonal Art: Thomas Graham, Cindy Green, Darrell Olthuis, Tom Papadatos, Laura Luris
Lead Programmer: Allan Johanson
Programming: Dominick Humphrey, Mike Kiernan, Daniel Ng, Rod Reddekopp, J. Dan Scott, Robert White, Amory Wong
Music Composition : Traz Damji
Music Arrangement: Traz Damji
Music Performance: Traz Damji
In Game Sound FX: Traz Damji
Original Crowd SFX: Jeff van Dyck
Audio Tool Support: Iain Macanulty
Audio Producer: Steve Royea
Audio Engineer: Steve Royea
Movie Compression: Richard Mul
Additional Musicians: Tanya Hancheroff (Vocals), Saki Kaskamanidis (Guitar), Vincent Mai (Trumpet)
Develepment Director: Ivan Allan
Producer: Stanley Chow
Executive Producer: Sam Nelson
Associate Producer: Tarrnie Williams
Design: Tarrnie Williams
Production Assistant: Renata Antonic
Additional Design: Michael Klassen, Dave Warfield
Roster Consultant: Ted Murray
Product Manager: Glenn Chin
Documentation: David C. Lee
Documentation Layout: Tom Peters
Package Design: Jennie Maruyama
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Quality Assurance Lead: Shyang Kong
Quality Assurance Backup Lead: Geoff Ball, Brent Nielson
QA Project Coordinator: Steve Livaja
QA Testers: Graham Acton, Eric Bertram, Peter Dodson, Glenn Grant, Josh Holmes, Hubert King, Timothy Lewinson, Brent Olthuis, Darcy Pajak, Edwin Singh, Gordon Thornton
San Mateo Quality Assurance: Jeff Juco (Scorelord), Kirk Scott (Krazy Game), Bobby Lew, Barry Dorf (Clutch)
Special thanks: Frank Barchard, Steve Gray, Erik T. Kiss, John Rix, Gerry Shaw, Khai Toh


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