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NBA Live 95

IBM PC/AT DOS CD published 29 years ago by EA Sports

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NBA Live 95 © 1995 EA Sports.

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Lead Programming: Robert White
Programming: Andrew Jinks, Rod Reddekopp
Additional Programming: Amory Wong
Lead Artist: Mike S. Smith
Graphic Artists: Sheila Nash, Gregory Allen, Kai Cheng, Cindy Green
Additional Art: Kristene Nielsen, Ken Thurston
Music and Sound Effects: Traz Damji
Music Production: Steve Royea
Sound Engineering: Jeff van Dyck, Steve Royea
Announcer: Michael Donovan
Additional Musicians: Vincent Mai (trumpet), Russ Marsland (guitar)
Executive Producer: Sam Nelson
Producer: Stanley Chow
Assistant Producer & Design: Tarrnie Williams
Development Director: Ivan Allan
Tools: Laurent Ancessi, Frank Barchard, Andrew Brownsword, Paul Chernikhowsky, Rick Friesen, Iain Macanulty, Gerry Shaw
Product Manager: Glenn Chin
Documentation: David C. Lee
Packaging: Nancy Waisanen
Playtesting: Justin Cooney, Aaron Grant, Paul Hardy, Luke Kominami, Kurt Melnychuk, Ernie Stewart
Additional Playtesting: Shane Berezowski, Adrian Crook, Jonathan Dowdeswell, Darren Hagman, Bill Kim, Greg Nickolic, Craig Welburn, Ken Wong
Quality Assurance: Jonathan Harris
Administration: Renata Antonic
Special Thanks To: Steve Dynie, Brian Leonard, Ted Murray, Jay Triano


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