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NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Arcade Video game published 30 years ago by Midway Mfg. Co.

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NBA Jam Tournament Edition screenshot

NBA Jam Tournament Edition © 1994 Midway Mfg. Co.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition is a one or two-player basketball-themed sports game featuring two-on-two play. The game features real fully-licensed NBA teams, as well as real digitized NBA players. The game is controlled using an eight-way joystick and three buttons. The function of the first two buttons depends on whether the player is attacking or defending. The three buttons are: Shoot/Block, Pass/Steal and Turbo.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition a direct sequel to NBA Jam, released a year earlier and as with the prequel, features exaggerated over-the-top gameplay, with players are able to jump many times their own height, making slam dunks that defy both human capabilities and the laws of physics.

With the exception of goaltending and 24-second violations, there are no fouls or free throws and players are free to push and elbow their opponents out of the way. While the action is always two-on-two, each team consists of three players and substitutions are possible.

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Midway T Unit hardware

Main CPU : TMS34010 (@ 6.25 Mhz)
Sound CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 Mhz)
Sound Chips : Yamaha YM2151 (@ 3.57958 Mhz), DAC, OKI6295 (@ 8 Khz)

Players : 4
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 3


NBA Jam Tournament Edition was released on January 17, 1994.

This game is an official licensed product of the NBA (National Basketball Association).


* Quick Players: Press any button five times, then hold Down as the match-up screen fades.

* Baby Mode: Hold Down/Right angle and press Turbo, Shoot, Steal, Turbo, Shoot, Steal, Turbo, Shoot, Steal at the match-up screen.

* Big Heads: Hold Up+Turbo+Pass as the match-up screen fades.

* Huge Heads: Press Up three times, then hold Turbo+Pass and press Shoot six times at the match-up screen.

* Maximum Power: Hold Down and press Turbo+Shoot+Pass+Start at the match-up screen.

* Change Teams: Hold Pass and press Right at the player substitution screen.

* Bigger Roster: Hold Down and press Pass three times at the player selection screen, then rotate the Joystick three full circles and press Pass.

* Hidden Characters:
NBA all-stars:
Charles Barkley (BRK FEB 20) (does not work on version 3.0)
Dee Brown (DEE NOV 29)
Derrick Coleman (DC_ JUN 21)
Patrick Ewing (PAT AUG 5)
Shawn Kemp (KMP NOV 26)
Karl Malone (KRL JUL 24)
Alonzo Mourning (ZO_ FEB 8)
Hakeem Olajuwon (HAK JAN 21)
Scottie Pippen (PIP SEP 25)
David Robinson (ROB AUG 6)
Dennis Rodman (ROD MAY 13) (only works on version 3.0)
Isiah Thomas (ZEK APR 30)
Chris Webber (WEB MAR 1)
Dominique Wilkins (DOM APR 16)

Special Guest:
Paul Barker (PCB MAY 9)
Steve Beran (SAB AUG 29)
Ed Boon (EJB FEB 22)
Matt Booty (MVB APR 18)
John Carlton (JMC AUG 5)
Tim Coman (TJC OCT 11) (only works on version 1.0 / 2.0)
Pat Cox (PGC APR 11)
Bill Dabelstein (DOZ DEC 31)
Rachel Davies (RJD SEP 3)
Warren Davis (WBD AUG 17)
Linda Deal (LTD APR 30)
Larry Debar (VLK NOV 9)
Joe Dillon (JPD JUN 3)
Sal Divita (SAL FEB 1)
Elviscious (ELV JAN 8) (only works on version 1.0 / 2.0)
Dan Forden (DWF SEP 28)
Raymond Gay (RMG AUG 11)
Jim Gentile (JPG JAN 23)
Tony Goskie (TWG DEC 7)
Chris Granner (CG_ DEC 4)
Jim Green (JDG MAY 31)
Jack Haeger (JEH JUL 13)
Paul Heitsch (WMN NOV 11)
Jon Hey (JWH SEP 20)
Kerri Hoskins (KER OCT 10)
Eugene Jarvis (EPJ JAN 27)
Eric Kinkead (DIE JAN 1)
Kongo (KNG JAN 16) (only works on version 1.0 / 2.0)
Al Lasko (AML AUG 31)
Joe Linhoff (JFL APR 16)
Shawn Liptak (SL_ JUN 24)
Mark Loffredo (ML_ MAY 25)
John Lowes (JML NOV 4)
Ray Macika (REM MAR 26)
Martin Martinez (MAM AUG 7)
Cary Mednick (CMM JUL 2)
Air Morris (WIL JAN 1)
John Newcomer (JRN JUN 18)
Lorraine Olivia (LOR FEB 20)
Sheridan Oursler (SNO JAN 3)
Mark Penacho (MDP JAN 13)
George Petro (GNP OCT 8)
Vince Pontarelli (VJP APR 11)
Raiden (RAD JUL 9) (only works on version 1.0 / 2.0)
Grim Reaper (GRM OCT 31) (only works on version 1.0 / 2.0)
Reptile (RPT NOV 11) (only works on version 1.0 / 2.0)
Jamie Rivett (RJR JAN 17)
Scorpion (SCO JUL 6) (only works on version 1.0 / 2.0)
Roger Sharpe (ROG AUG 1)
Jake Simpson (JMS FEB 22)
Jason Skiles (JMS JUL 29)
Sub-Zero (SUB DEC 5) (only works on version 1.0 / 2.0)
John Tobias (TOB AUG 24)
Josh Tsui (JYT NOV 28)
Mark J. Turmell (MJT MAR 22)
John Vogel (VOG JUN 27)


1. NBA Jam (1993)
2. NBA Jam Tournament Edition (1994)
3. NBA Hangtime (1996)
4. NBA Maximum Hangtime (1996)
5. NBA Jam Extreme (1996)
6. NBA Jam 99 (1998, N64)
7. NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC (1999)
8. NBA Jam 2000 (1999, N64)
9. NBA Jam 2001 (2000, GBC)
10. NBA Jam 2002 (2002, GBA)
11. NBA Jam (2003, PS2, X-Box)
12. NBA Jam 2004 (2003, unreleased GameCube prototype)
13. NBA Jam (2010, Nintendo Wii)
14. NBA Jam - On Fire Edition (2011, PSN, XBOX Live)


Nintendo Super Famicom (1994)
Sega Mega Drive (1994)
Sega Game Gear (1994)
Nintendo Game Boy (1995)
Sega 32x (1995)
Sega Saturn (1995)
Sony PlayStation (1995)
Atari Jaguar (1996)

PC [MS-DOS, CD-ROM] (1995)


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