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NBA Hang Time [Model NUS-NXGE-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 27 years ago by Midway Home Ent.

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NBA Hang Time © 1997 Midway Home Entertainment.

Midway slams home a winner with this faithful port of the arcade hoopfest. NBA Hang Time features 145 pro players from 29 teams, with only Jordan, Shaq and Barkley playing hooky. Midway even tossed in the trivia contest found in the arcade version!

The emphasis here is squarely on fun. A unique create-a-player feature lets you select a head (How 'bout a clown? Or an alien?), uniform color, skills, name and nickname. You can also endow him or her with special attributes, such as superhuman rebounding ability or a gigantic head, and save the results to a Controller Pak for dueling with a friend. Adherents of animal ball need not worry: you only get penalties for goal tending and letting the shot clock run down. You can showboat all you want with Alley-Oop passes, Fade Away Jumpers and Double and even Triple Dunks.

Fortunately, the developers kept straight faces long enough to pack this pak with plenty of innovative features. CPU Assistance smartens up your rivals' AI so they'll play more aggressively when trailing badly. A tag arrow helps you track the fast-moving ball. Note that you can't use secret codes or CPU Assistance in Tournament mode. Other options include Shot Clock on/off and the ever-popular Big Head mode.

NBA Hang Time supports one-player, two-player cooperative, two-player competitive, three-player and four-player modes. A unique PIN feature allows two players with the same name to store their results to the pak.

It wouldn't be a Midway b-ball game without an arena full of codes. You can play with two Rodmans on your team, if you dare! You can also change the Worm's hair color or move the action outside to a rooftop court.

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Released on January 17, 1997 in the USA.

The game was rated K-A (Kids to Adults, generally suitable for all ages) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Export releases:
[EU] NBA Hang Time [Model NUS-NXGP-NOE]

Goodies for NBA Hang Time [Model NUS-NXGE-USA]
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Midway Home Entertainment Team
Producer: Michael Rubinelli
Associate Producer: Michael Gottlieb
Assistant Producer: Will Shen, John Stookey
Print Design & Production: Debra Austin, Shawn Murphy, Dave Young, Jon Mongelluzzo
Lead Tester: J. R. Salazar
Testers: Ross Deynata, Kevin Elrod, Eric Holmboe, Jeff Hooks, Mike Laflower, Eric Narvaez, William Sutjiadi, Jason Shigenaka, Dan Wagner

Funcom Home Design Team
Lead Programmer: Carl-Henrik Skårstedt
Programmer: Johan Andersson
Lead Graphic Artist: Colin McMahon
Music & SFX Adaption: Jeroen Tel (Maniacs of Noise)
Tools Programmer: André Johansen
Graphic Artists: Tommy Svensson, Glen Kristofferson, Tore Blystad
Additional Code Research: Henrik Holmdahl
Producer: Christian Lassem
Project Manager: Nils Erik Hatlem

Director's Cut International
Lead Programmer: Jamie Rivett
Programmers: Graeme Webb, Gary Liddon
Lead Graphic Artist: Terry Ford


Game's ROM.