NBA Basketball [Model 2615]

A 40-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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NBA Basketball © 1978 Mattel Electronics.

Jump shots, set shots, pin-point passing, fast breaks, interceptions, steals, plus the roar of the crowd! It's all here and more with INTELLIVISION NBA BASKETBALL by Mattel Electronics! Each player has his own three-man team! There's plenty of action, and lots of quick reflexes and skill required! Passing is a real challenge and can make the difference between a good and a great player! It's your ball! Fifteen seconds left on the 24-second clock! You look for an open man to pass to. Or will you dribble around, trying to get free for a jump shot? Ten seconds, better make up your mind! Five, four, three, two -- shoot! Swish! Two points!

OBJECT OF THE GAME of course is to sink more baskets than your opponent in 4
regulation quarters. (Times are simulated.) As in the NBA, two points for each
basket scored. (No foul shots in this game.) Overtime periods to a decision if


Model 2615

PASS KEYS: 1 through 9
DISC: Move Player Disc


* Get the ball upcourt, keep it moving! (24-second clock resets after each completed pass.)

* Find the open man under the hoop. Hit him with your pass immediately! (Press pass key for area you want pass to reach.)

* Nobody open? Look to the corners! Get the ball to either corner and you may have an opening for a high percentage jump shot or set shot!

* Pass from the corners, back under the basket. Try for an unmolested lay-up! Easy field goal, two points!

* Of course you'll want to use the whole court! Stay alert for the open man!

* SHOOTING: Jump shots are harder to block than set shots, but try to work your man clear! Avoid too many long-distance set shots! Remember, the closer you are to the basket, the better your chances!

* REBOUNDING: Keep in mind that when you're on defense, all you men can go for the rebound, On offense, only your shooter can go to the boards!

* BLOCKING: Computer-controlled defenders are good shot-blockers too! Work your way around them! If a shot is blocked, the defense takes over!

* WATCH THE CLOCK!: Don't forget the 24-second clock! Move fast and try to plan ahead!


Program: Ken Smith

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