Natsume Championship Wrestling [Model SNS-7W-USA]

A 24-year-old Nintendo Super NES Game by Natsume, Inc.

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Natsume Championship Wrestling © 1994 Natsume.

With 16 MEGS of Pro Wrestling Action, Natsume Championship Wrestling is the most incredibly exciting game ever developed, featuring a selection of 12 wrestlers and six game modes including the Championship Tournament and Tag Match, Round Robin and Exhibition Match for up to four players.

It will blow you away!




Released in June 1994, Natsume Championship Wrestling is a version of Zen-Nihon Pro Wrestling': Sekai Saikyou Tag, altered for the US market.

There is a new title screen theme and the game uses music from Sekai Saikyou Tag, but gameplay and characters from the original game. There are no double team moves and an opponent can't be dragged around during a grapple using the Y button. There is also no tutorial mode, team battle (from the original game) and passwords.

The 12 wrestlers:

Asteroid (based on Jumbo Tsuruta)
M. Roach (based on Yoshinari Ogawa using Jun Akiyama's theme music)
Hungry Snake (based on Masanobu Fuchi and using Doug Furnas' theme music)
The Viper (based on Toshiaki Kawada)
The Phantom (based on Rusher Kimura using Dan Kroffat's theme music)
Fangz (based on Akira Taue)
Spike (based on Dan Spivey)
Big Ape (based on Steve Williams)
J. Kraze (based on Johnny Ace)
Python (based on Stan Hansen)
K. Bruto (based on Terry Gordy)
Conan (based on Kenta Kobashi)

Wrestlers not used by the game include Giant Baba, Mitsuharu Misawa, Tsuyochi Kikuchi and The Patriot.

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