NASL Soccer [Model 1683]

A 39-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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NASL Soccer © 1979 Mattel Electronics.

KICKOFF! The ball is yours, now move it downfield! Teamwork and footwork are the name of this game. The defense is pressing... PASS to a teammate! Get the ball in close to your opponent's goal. Move quickly... evade the defense... keep the ball inbounds. You're in the goal area. Fake out the goalie and shoot! IT'S A SCORE!


Model 1683


* COORDINATE Direction Disc with Pass and Shoot buttons. When both controls work together smoothly, you have an edge.

* LEARN TO PASS effectively. Watch how players move off and on-screen, as the screen pans. make the panning effect work to your advantage with off-screen passing.

* On long passes, use the faster SHOOT button, rather than the PASS button. The faster speed will carry the ball farther before it slows down, with less chance of interception.

* WATCH YOUR AIM. Wild shots and passes may be intercepted or travel out of bounds.

* LOOK OUT FOR THE DEFENSE. Man with the ball can't run as fast as the Defensive Captain. If pressed too close, pass the ball.

* MANEUVER THE GOALIE. Learn to play goalie and Defensive Captain simultaneously. Practice makes it easy.

* If your DEFENSIVE CAPTAIN falls too far behind the man with the ball, let your man drop back completely off-screen. He will reappear on-screen in front of the man with the ball.

* Remember that the BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE. Get possession of the ball and keep possession until you score!


Program: Kevin Miller

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