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Pinball published 19 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Listed in MAME

NASCAR © 2005 Stern Pinball, Incorporated.


Stern Whitestar II

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : Atmel AT91 (@ 40 MHz)
Display CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 4 MHz)
Sound Chip : DMA-driven DAC


Produced by Pat Lawlor Design for Stern Pinball. NASCAR was released in August 2005.

This game features voice over by Allen Bestwick, NASCAR television analyst for NBC. Music tracks include recording artist Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55", a popular tune among NASCAR fans.

This game was released outside of North America as "Grand Prix", and features F-1 racers.


CPU Release Version : 1.00
- Initial release for production.

CPU Release Version : 1.02
Date : August 4, 2005
- Dot Matrix Test, Lock kicking, and Clear Balls Test fixed in diagnostics.
- Fixed problems with tilt handling
- Fixed scoring bug in bonus count
- Fixed some glitches with RACE letters on left ramp and drop targets
- Improvements to lamp effects and sound sequencing
- Fixed bug in Road Course handing out extra CHAMP1 letters.

CPU Release Version : 1.03
Date : August 9, 2005
- Improvements to pit road lock release
- Improvements to Competition mode
- Compensation for broken spinning car motor added
- Compensation for broken drop targets added
- Improvements between speedshot/hard racin and garage mode starts
- Race Multiball improved with better grace periods
- Scanner award fixed when running inside a mode
- Improvements to lamp effects and speech calls
- Ball Clear test in diagnostics improved
- Bump 'n' Win default values changed slightly

CPU Release Version : 1.04
Date : August 10, 2005
- Changed BUMP 'N' WIN adjustment display
- Updated coinage settings for different countries
- Fixed some display bugs in Champion Challenge
- Fixed CHAMP1 LETTERS audit
- Some improvements to mode sounds

CPU Release Version : 3.00
Date : September 8, 2005
- Added System Adjustments 53-55 to enable flipper power modification for games in the field that need it.
- Installs menu in Portals has been fixed to exit correctly.
- Right ramp diverter now helps the player spell R-A-C-E quicker by sending the ball to the best flipper for the next shot.
- Improved timing on lower track diverter.
- Fixed some game adjustment ranges that could go out of bounds.
- Fixed a hanging lamp in the outlanes after a game was completed.
- Hanging jackpot at the end of Happy Hour corrected.
- Fixed the problem with balls staying on the track after Hauler Ride.
- Fixed the ball saver that was supposed to save airballs that landed on the track and fell into the lower drain. This saver also saves balls that are misfired by the autoplunger.
- Fixed problem with two balls kicking out in some single-ball modes when a ball drained early in the mode.
- Improved Accelerator Saver when the ball hits the car and quickly drains.
- Made accelerator driver use the TRACK ADJUST adjustments now.
- Made the Garage Mode goals in Feature Adjustments work correctly now.
- Fixed search in Race Multiball with a ball on the track.
- Some display improvments to Champion Challenge
- Some display improvments to Bump and Run
- Some display improvments to Gas And Go background display.
- ToPS tournament text fixed for spanish-language versions.
- Replay value now shown in attract mode.
- New Taiwan and South Africa coin settings
- Improved coin-in effects
- Improved flashers in some parts of the game
- Fixed CHAMP1 Letter count in Instant Info
- Clear Balls test in Portals fixed to launch balls correctly.

DISPLAY Release Version : 3.01
Date : September 8, 2005
CPU Release Version : 3.01
Date : September 12, 2005
- Fixed DIP settings for Taiwanese coinage
- Softened kick on truck eject
- Service Credit button works correctly after changing volume now
- Game does not search endlessly if there are no balls in the trough

DISPLAY Release Version : 3.03
Date : September 23, 2005
- New Norway pricing

DISPLAY Release Version : 3.02
Date : September 21, 2005
- Fixed Leader Board Types that always displayed 5th Place

CPU Release Version : 3.10
Date : September 23, 2005
- Truck kicker eject softened to keep balls from flying off the ramp
- Fixed glitch in track test in diagnostics
- Improved coin-in lamp effects
- Fixed Grand Champion reset
- Extra Ball properly awards points in all modes of ToPS play
- Game obeys the Special % adjustment properly
- Fixed case where Champion Challenge would be lit again after it's end
- Made LOCK DIFFICULTY not reset R-A-C-E lamps at the start of each ball when set to 'Extra Hard'
- Fixed game restart at match and game over sequences
- ToPS improvements for South Africa

CPU Release Version : 3.30
Date : September 28, 2005
- printer utility fixed due to bank overflow error
- Better compensation for a malfunctioning Test Car
- More intelligent coil firing algorithm for the truck kicker.
- Right ramp diverter logic improved to help player complete RACE letters quicker.

CPU Release Version : 3.40
Date : October 4, 2005
- Changed car mechanism driver to prevent fatigue on release coil bracket.
- Fixed multiball sequence when there are only 2 balls playable in the game
- Fixed coil diagnostics to properly wrap at the end of the list.

CPU Release Version : 3.50
Date : October 7, 2005
- Changed UK1 pricing table settings.

CPU Release Version : 3.51
Date : October 12, 2005
- Fixed glitch in switch test diagnostics.

CPU Release Version : 3.52
Date : October 13, 2005
- Fixed another glitch in switch test diagnostics.

CPU Release Version : 4.00
Date : October 25, 2005
- Improved the driver for the car mechanism to prevent wear on the release coil latch.
- Improved and more efficient firing of lower track exit diverter.
- Better compensation when the Test Car switch is broken. Modes will start properly now.
- Improved speech, lamp effects, and choreography.
- Russian coinage and tournament settings added.

DISPLAY Release Version : 4.00
Date : October 26, 2005
- Russian coinage and tournament settings added.


Concept : Pat Lawlor (PML)
Designers : Louis Koziarz, Pat Lawlor
Artwork : John Youssi (J Y)
Software : Louis Koziarz, Chip Curtis
DMD Animation : Adam Rhine, Greg Dunlap
Mechanics : John Krutsch (JRK), John Filz
Music & Sounds : Chris Granner (C G)


Game's ROM.