Narrow Escape

A 35-year-old GCE Vectrex by GCE

Emulated in MAME !

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Narrow Escape © 1983 GCE [General Consumer Electric]

Enter the stellar fortress of a 23rd century warlord whose evil intent is to dominate your home star system and enslave all its inhabitants.

Your mission is to navigate through the narrow and fast-moving passages of the fortress and destroy the warlord's defense forces and his powerful arsenal. Beware... the passages of the fortress will encircle you in 3-D terror while the warlord's defense systems will become more menacing. Will you succumb to the evil of the warlord or destroy him and make a Narrow Escape?!

Your goal in 3-D Narrow Escape is to successfully navigate your ship through the narrow, fast-moving passages of the warlord's fortress, destroy his defense forces and powerful arsenal, and avoid space debris. You'll also have to maneuver your ship through small holes in a series of walls where you'll pick up precious fuel cells that allow you to continue on your mission. If you pilot your ship successfully, you'll be faced with the warlord's own escape ship which you must hit several times to destroy it and liberate the star system for the warlord's tyranny.

Each level gets more difficult as everything will move faster, your fuel will be consumed more quickly, the holes in the walls will get smaller, and you'll face more menacing defense forces.


Joystick: Push forward to move your ship down, backward to move it up. Push left and right to move ship sideways.
Button 1: Unused.
Button 2: Unused.
Button 3: Unused.
Button 4: Fire.


Destroying Each Enemy Ship in The Defense Force: 50 x Level Number
Capturing Fuel Cells: 100 points
Hitting Warlord's Escape Ship: 50 points
Destroying Warlord's Escape Ship: 500 points

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