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Name This Game [Model VC1007]

Atari 2600 cart. published 42 years ago by US Games Corp.

Listed in MAME

Name This Game [Model VC1007] screenshot

Name This Game © 1982 US Games Corp.

You have discovered a long-sought-after buried treasure, and just when you thought your ou have discovered a long-sought-after troubles were over, things get really tough! There's a persistent shark who thinks that the treasure belongs to him, and he is after you! As if that were not enough to contend with, there's a big old octopus sitting right above your trove who keeps reaching down to check things out.

There you are, shooting at the shark, fighting off the octopus tentacles, and you realize your oxygen supply is running low. Your partner, in the boat, keeps dropping you a line, and you better run over and fill up.

It is not going to be easy to hold on to your treasure now that you've found it, but we're sure you are not going to give it up without a fight.

Game Variations:
Game 1 Single player, average skill level.
Game 2 Two player, average skill level.
Game 3 Single player, easy skill level.
Game 4 Two player, easy skill level.
Game 5 Single player, difficult skill level.
Game 6 Two player, difficult skill level.


Model VC1007


Called Name This Game, because of a contest. A $10,000 dollar first prize was offered to the person who could come up with the most original name to describe this game. However, U.S. Games went bankrupt and the contest was never completed.

- Hit tentacle = 50 points
- Units of air taken in after tank is full = 10 points
- Hit shark at surface
Level 7 = 10 points
Level 6 = 20 points
Level 5 = 30 points
Level 4 = 40 points
Level 3 = 50 points
Level 2 = 80 points
- Hit shark at deepest Level 1 = 100 points

* During the early waves, concentrate on getting as many points as possible. Continuously fire at the descending tentacles while waiting for the shark to swing to deeper levels. (You get more points if he is deeper; but don't wait too long, or you're shark bait!) Keep an eye on your air supply (red bar at bottom of screen); but at early levels, you can last longer on a recharge.

* Later waves (3-4) require more concentration on imminent dangers; for instance, the sharks are hungrier, and therefore, faster--especially approaching the diver's depth. Tentacles also descend more quickly, and air supply is depleted faster. Try to combine shooting of the tentacles and the shark in the same area of the water. This will save you time in moving about the sea floor.

* The advanced waves are rather frantic and involve concentration on one thing--saving your treasure. For those of you who can't walk and chew gum at the same time, these will prove to be very challenging levels. The most enduring strategy is to attempt shooting at the shark and tentacles at the same time, all the while trying to move with the boat to stay near your air supply line.

* Hang on to your snorkel; more trouble is on the way!


Game's ROM.