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Namco Museum Vol.5 [Model SLPS-00705]

Sony PlayStation game published 22 years ago by NAMCO

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Namco Museum Vol.5 © 1997 Namco, Limited.

Namco's outstanding contribution to the computer games industry is celebrated in this, the concluding part of the Museum Series. This final edition contains 5 amazing games on one disk:

The surreal Metro-Cross, dating back to 1985, is the grandfather of all athletic games, where players must have the ultimate in speed and stamina to win

Traditionally cast as the baddie, Dragon Spirit subverted a genre by making the dragon the hero in an epic saga of fire and brimstone

The RPG classic The Valkyrie no Densetsue was as famous for its music as its amazing gameplay - available for one or two players

Baraduke is a unique Science Fiction adventure with a twist in the tale, a cosmic struggle between good and evil

A Namco museum wouldn't be complete without Puckman and here he is in glorious 3-D in the awesome Pac-Mania!

All these timeless masterpieces of computer game history on one disk! Additionally, the history of Namco's rise to its position of world leader is detailed in an outstanding 3-D museum containing magazine covers, artwork and memorabilia focusing on each game. An Opera House feature shows slides and plays music from the original games. Relive the excitement of the original games that shaped the computer games industry!


Game ID: SLPS-00705


Namco Museum Vol.5 for PlayStation was released on February 28, 1997 in Japan. It was then re-released on October 28, 1999 as a PlayStation the Best edition [Model SLPS- 91162].


Sony PlayStation Network [PSOne Classics] [JP] (dec.18, 2013) "Namco Museum Vol.5 [Model NPJJ-00692]"