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Namco Museum [Model ULJS-00012]

Sony PSP UMD published 19 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Namco Museum © 2001 Namco, Limited.

Compilation of 7 arcade classics from Namco :
- "Galaxian" (1979)
- "Pac-Man" (1980)
- "Rally-X" (1980)
- "Galaga" (1981)
- "Ms. Pac-Man" (1981)
- "New Rally-X" (1981)
- "Dig Dug" (1982)

This compilation also introduces 4 brand new 'Arrangement' updates :
- "Pac-Man Arrangement"
- "Galaga Arrangement"
- "Dig Dug Arrangement"
- "New Rally-X Arrangement"

NOTE: These are NOT the same 'Arrangement' updates featured in either volume of the arcade "Namco Classics Collection".


Game ID: ULJS-00012


Namco Museum for Sony PSP was released on February 24, 2005 in Japan.

It was then re-released on June 29, 2006 as a PSP the Best edition [Model ULJS-19006]

It was also released on November 1, 2009 through the PlayStation Network [Model NPJH-50138]

This is the first of two volumes released for the PSP in Japan.

This compilation is known outside Japan and Asia as "Namco Museum Battle Collection".


Sony PlayStation Network [PSOne Classics] japan (nov.1, 2009) "Namco Museum [Model NPJH-50138]"