Namco Museum [Model UCKS-45005]

Sony PSP game published 15 years ago by NAMCO

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Namco Museum © 2005 Namco, Limited.

Compilation of 6 arcade classics from Namco :
- "Galaxian" (1979) as 'Old Galaga'
- "Pac-Man" (1980)
- "Rally-X" (1980) as 'Banggor'
- "Galaga" (1981)
- "New Rally-X" (1981) as 'New Banggor'
- "Dig Dug" (1982)

This compilation also introduces 4 brand new 'Arrangement' updates :
- "Pac-Man Arrangement"
- "Galaga Arrangement"
- "Dig Dug Arrangement"
- "New Rally-X Arrangement" as 'New Banggor Arrangement'

NOTE: These are NOT the same 'Arrangement' updates featured in either volume of the arcade "Namco Classics Collection".
Game ID: UCKS-45005
Namco Museum for Sony PSP was released on May 2, 2005 in South Korea.

This is the first of two volumes released for the PSP in South Korea.

This compilation is known outside Japan and Asia as "Namco Museum Battle Collection".