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Namco Museum Encore [Model SLPS-01050]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Namco Museum Encore © 1997 Namco, Limited.

Compilation of 7 arcade classics from Namco :
- "Dragon Saber" (1990)
- "King & Balloon" (1980)
- "Motos" (1985)
- "Sky Kid" (1985)
- "Rolling Thunder" (1986)
- "Wonder Momo" (1987)
- "Rompers" (1989)


Game ID: SLPS-01050


Namco Museum Encore for PlayStation was released on October 30, 1997 in Japan only. A "Shokai Gentei Special Box" edition [Model SLPS-00765] was also released the same day.

It was then re-released as a PlayStation the Best edition on October 28, 1999 [Model SLPS-91163].


Sony PlayStation Network [PSOne Classics] japan (dec.18, 2013) "Namco Museum Encore [Model NPJJ-00693]"