Namco Museum - 50th Anniversary [Model SLES-53957]

Export Sony PlayStation 2 disc published 17 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Namco Museum - 50th Anniversary © 2006 Namco, Limited.

European release. Game developed in Japan. See "Namco Museum Arcade Hits! [Model SLPS-25590]" for more information about the game itself.


Game ID: SLES-53957


Namco Museum - 50th Anniversary for Sony PlayStation 2 was released on March 31, 2006 in Europe.

The title of this compilation refers to Namco's 50 years as a company that originally manufactured toys in 1955.

Unlike in the original Japanese release, Galaga '88 and Pac-Mania are locked right from the start.


* To unlock "Galaga '88", just score 40,000 points in the original "Galaga".

* To unlock "Pac-Mania", just score 15,000 points in "Pac-Man" and 20,000 points in "Ms. Pac-Man".