Multipin - The Future of Pinball

A 9-year-old Coin-op Pinball by NanoTech Ent., Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Multipin - The Future of Pinball © 2009 NanoTech Entertainment, Incorporated.

MultiPin is a new 3-D digital pinball game that has 16 built-in, exciting tables, and is expandable to support hundreds of tables. The system supports original tables as well as licensed recreations of classic tables.

MultiPin is a full 3D system which allows for multiple camera angles and styles and therefore allows for flexible cabinet designs. The system also supports single screen or dual screen cabinets. MultiPin has a built in competition engine allowing for tournaments and single machine progressive competitions. The system also incorporates our MOT-ION I/O Adapter which provides digital inputs and motion input to a video pinball game. This allows the player to bump and nudge the table to control the pinball just like an actual mechanical machine


Multipin - The Future of Pinball the Coin-op Pinball
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