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Mugen Senshi Valis [Model GTS-VA]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 37 years ago by Tokuma Shoten Intermedia, Inc.

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Mugen Senshi Valis [Model GTS-VA] screenshot

夢幻戦士ヴァリス © 1987 Tokuma Shoten Intermedia, Incorporated.
(Mugen Senshi Valis)

Mugen Senshi Valis is a side scrolling platform/action game by Nihon Telenet and based on the original Valis released for the PC88 and MSX Japanese computers. The game follows the story of a Japanese school girl named Yuuko Asao who, after receiving the legendary sword of Valis, fights an epic battle between demons and the people of the fantasy dream world of Vecanti. Her best friend Reiko was abducted by the demon king Rogles and Yuuko now embarks on a long journey through the multiple dimensions of the mystic world to save her and retrieve the five Valis gemstones. She starts the game with her mystical sword and can fire small bursts of energy at her enemies. She can also run, jump or crouch. However, this Famicom port of Valis is not a traditional platform game (unlike the games it is based on). Here, the player must navigate through non-linear and maze-like levels that include countless exists, dead ends and loops. Although the first stage features Yuuko's hometown on Earth, the dream land that comes later is vast and built around large interconnected worlds. Maps are scattered throughout the game and greatly help Yuuko in her quest and prevent her from getting lost. Other special items can be collected along the way by visiting townspeople. Some items are instantly activated (such as the Medical Herbs or the Star Barrier) whereas others are stored in Yuuko's equipment for later use or activated as secondary weapons - they range from the Float Boots, Spike Boots, Life Pots, Power Boots, Shield, Cape, Bombs and so forth. Finally, although the game features infinite continues, Yuuko is automatically sent to the beginning of an area when defeated.


Cartidge ID: GTS-VA


Mugen Senshi Valis was released on August 21, 1987 in Japan for 5500 Yen.

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