Mr. Do! [Model 2622]

A 35-year-old Colecovision Game by Coleco Industries, Inc.

Mr. Do! [Model 2622] screenshot

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Mr. Do! © 1983 Coleco Industries, Incorporated.

There's trouble in Mr. Do!'s orchard! All he wants to do is harvest all the goodies in it... but evil Badguys are chasing him every step of the way. Mow a path to the cherries and start picking, then have Mr. Do! throw his Power Ball to eliminate some of his pursuers. More Badguys just keep right on coming, though, so push apples down to squash them flat! It takes skill, strategy, speed and planning to clear out the orchard, get special bonuses and advance to an even more challenging orchard screen.


Game ID: 2622

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