Mountain King [Model 4L 2716]

A 35-year-old Atari 5200 Game by CBS, Inc.

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Mountain King © 1983 CBS, Incorporated.

The object of MOUNTAIN KING is to capture the Golden Crown of the Temple and carry it safely to the top of the mountain. You will attempt to do this as many tims as you can and on as many levels as possible before your time expires and/or you are destroyed.


Model 4L 2716


* Practice maneuvering the Explorer to become familiar with the way he moves and how he jumps. You'll need to be both fast and agile when you're trying to escape with the Crown.

* Listen carefully to the sounds and the music. They let you know when the Spider is approaching, how close you are to the Flame Spirit and how much time you have left to reach the mountaintop.

* Don't open Treasure Chests while the Flame Spirit is available. They won't be replaced and you might need fresh ones later on when you're running out of time and diamonds. Try to remember where they are and come back for them.


Developed by K-Byte.

Programmer: E. F. Dreyer

Game's ROM.