A 18-year-old Arcade Video Game by Cybermind

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MotorHead © 2000 Cybermind.

You only realize your mistake after you've shifted up into fifth gear and accelerated to 200 mph, your approach to the imminent corner is way too fast and you slam down on the brakes. the crash wall's staring you in the face the car goes into a spin and the impact is imminent. To make matters worser your pursuers are gaining on you and threatening to overtake. Time seems to stand still you brace yourself for the crash but at the last moment, you hit the barrier. Your car jumps but your back on the road and still in the race. Shift down to 2nd gear and hit the gas...

Motorhead is a game where speed is the essence. Set in the future, all the action takes place at four venues of the Transatlantic Speed League. Venues range from downtown highways to wide deserted roads and success is rewarded with additional course.

Along with the spectacular crashes and breathtaking speed, the most impressive thing about this game is the AI. Unlike traditional racing games, there are no fixed paths or static patterns in the Motorhead engine.
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MotorHead the Arcade Video Game
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V-tRax hardware

This game was also released on the NRG Motion Simulator hardware.

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