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Arcade Video game published 9 years ago by Raw Thrills

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MotoGP © 2015 Raw Thrills.

Hop on top of a realistic recreation of a realistic recreation of a MotoGP bike as you take on the challenge of racing across 10 faithfully recreated MotoGP circuits and against famous riders including Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez.

MotoGP features three difficulty modes (Novice, Normal, and Pro), each of which uses different handling styles. Players can race alone, in a local match (up to 8 units) or against riders in other locations in real-time for free, thanks to the CoinUp online network.


Uses a standard mid-range PC to power the 1080p60 graphics.

The bike controller replicates a real MotoGP motorcycle. Multi-color LEDs further enhance the appearance.

Only one cabinet model was released, a sit-down unit with a swivel bike controller. The units came with a 42" HD display and also incorporated a front facing camera (similar to Namco's "NamCam" used in titles like Mario Kart Arcade GP) and an integrated fan to create a simulated wind effect.

Cabinets were released in four colors, something that operators had to select upon time of order.

Free CoinUp access via ethernet allows users to create a player account, track stats and play against opponents in other locations in real-time.


Released in December 2015.

While officially licensed, this was developed by Play Mechanix and is not based upon any of the home console MotoGP releases.

This is one of the few racing titles created by Play Mechanix, who has normally focused on developing light-gun titles like Terminator Salvation, Aliens Armageddon, Halo: Fireteam Raven and so on.

In Europe, the game was sold through Bandai Namco Amusements Europe. The 4-player setup was sold with an elaborate gantry marquee that featured large, decorated banners, raceway lighting, Raw Thrills flags and a giant TV screen that shows the game action.


Executive Producers: George Petro, Eugene Jarvis