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Mortal Kombat [Model T-81198]

Sega Game Gear cart. published 31 years ago by Arena Ent.

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Mortal Kombat [Model T-81198] screenshot

Mortal Kombat © 1993 Arena


Cartridge ID: T-81198


Mortal Kombat for Game Gear was released on September 13, 1993 in North America.

On this GG version of the game, Kano (from the original Arcade game) was taken out.

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* Enable Blood: Press 2, 1, 2, Down, Up at the Code of Honor screen. NOW ENTERING KOMBAT will flash on-screen.


Johnny Cage : Daniel Pesina
Rayden : Carlos Resina
Liu Kang : Ho Sung Pak
Scorpion : Daniel Pesina
Sub Zero : Daniel Pesina
Sonya : Elizabeth Malecki
Goro Character Design : John Tobias
Stop Motion Miniature : Curt Chiarelli
Shang Tsung : Ho Sung Pak
Programming By : Keith Burkhill
Backgrounds By : Lee Ames
Other Graphics By : Keith Burkhill
Music By : Allister Brimble
Produced By : Gary Liddon
Quality Assurance By : Simon Bland, Barg, James Stewart, Tim Bradstock

Acclaim Development by: The Grey Team
Producer : Rob Leingang
Associate Producer : Stacy Hendrickson
Analysts : Tyrone Miller, Joe Libertella, Tom Rademacher, Jim Mk Fink
Special Thanks To : Eric


Game's ROM.