Moon Base

Raytheon 704 soft. published 48 years ago by Flying Buffalo, Inc.

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Moon Base © 1974 Flying Buffalo, Inc.

Play-By-Mail game.

Places players on the moon in control of crawlers (which can deploy fixed, jumping and programmed mines), fixed guns, propelled guns, and command posts. The goal is to destroy the enemy command posts before they destroy yours. Moves of all players are sent in by (physical) mail and processed by the computers at Flying Buffalo, after which the results are mailed back to the players.

Each game takes a fixed number of turns during which players must score as much points as possible. Points are gained through the destruction of enemy units and lost by the destruction of your own. The game map consists of 133 hexagon tiles, which are subdivided in 16 areas of different terrain types (plain or crater). The layout of the land is different each game.

The player can use spy beams to reveal the layout of hex tiles, a beam can be used each turn and the player can have control over multiple beams.