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Monopoly - Own it All

Pinball published 23 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Monopoly - Own it All © 2001 Stern Pinball, Incorporated.

Based on the classic board game by Parker Brothers.


Stern Whitestar

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Display CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 4 MHz)
Sound Chip : BSMT2000 (@ 24 MHz)


Produced by Pat Lawlor Design for Stern Pinball. Monopoly Own it All was released in September 2001.


Software Release : 1.10
Date : September 12, 2001
- Production release

Software Release : 2.03
Date : September 17, 2001
- New default replay %, match %, starting replay level
- replay bug fixed that cleared audit when viewing replay adjustment
- added flipper motor speed adjustment based upon country
- fixed Land Grab variable/flag that wasn't cleared at game start
- added phone support
- removed some accents in diagnostics, shortened some text to fit on screen

Software Release : 2.20
Date : October 2, 2001
- Choreogropy of lightshows, f/x
- Chance bug fixed that correctly returns balls back into play
- Land Grag bug fixed that caused the flippers to temp. lock up
- Fixed bug in railroad multiball when started from Chance
- other minor tweaks
- diagnostic mini-menu bugs in Dr. Pinball corrected

Display Release : 2.03
- fixed team scoring display in attract
- took token out of high score table (it will be back).

Display Release : 2.05
Date : October 18, 2001
- Added Spanish text.
- Fixed text in german coil list
- Custom pricing bug fixed that wouldn't show custom pricing adjustments
- Land Grab Bonus added

Display Release : 2.06
Date : October 19, 2001
- added correct release version

Software Release : 2.33
Date : October 11, 2001
- Improved waterworks flipper action
- Fixed dice eject kickout handling
- Fixed crash when player hits three of-a-kind in Free Money mode
- Fixed team player scoring in attract
- Improved tilt handling
- Fixed crash when difficulty set to HARD
- Added community chest rule
- Special awards 500K points now
- Added selftest at powerup for lockup and dice eject
- Restored missing Special lamp in land grab
- Adjusted cash grab scoring to be more in line with game scoring
- Improved tournament rules

CPU Release : 2.40
Date : October 25, 2001
- Fixed coin switch debouncing to prevent coins from being missed.
- Custom message now also shows up on Electric Company sign.
- Fixed Free Parking multiball jackpot to score correctly
- Fixed dice roll display on LEDs to match display.
- Fixed player carryover problems with Land Grab Bonus
- Fixed plunger to kick ball away at multiball start.
- Fixed property count for post-Land Grab play
- Fixed "award all players" card scoring in Chance.
- Changed Land Grab to move player to next unfilled property instead of just the next property when the right ramp is made.
- Fixed bug in A-B-C carryover between players
- Fixed rare crash in dice roll eject lane.
- Improved waterworks flipper compensation code
- Improved ball search to prevent ball from getting stuck behind bank door at the start of a ball.

CPU Release : 2.41
Date : October 29, 2001
- Fixed gaff problem in left outlane
- Entering initials show on LED also

CPU Release : 2.50
Date : November 8, 2001
- New dispatch edge routines should help do a better job of knowing which edge they are really on and help fix the missing coin problem.
- Stopped ball lock and dice eject fail messages if the door is open. The device is probably working, just powered off!
- Fixed tilt handlers to correctly handle tilts when bonus is underway. Music would improperly update and tilt would hang forever if a ball was in the lock.

CPU Release : 2.51
Date : November 13, 2001
- Fixed Tilt handling in Land Grab
- Fixed Breakout and Ripoff Multiball score displays.
- Improved broken dice eject and lockup detection and handling.
- Fixed hotel display in Land Grab
- Improved speech during Match
- Improved ball search to jiggle Cop target
- Fixed interaction between Chance and the quick multiballs.

CPU Release : 3.01
Display Release : 3.01
Date : January 29, 2002
- Fixed coinage tables for Euro coinage
- Player can choose a token in high score to date (HSTD) entry
- Fixed A-B-C inlane lamps and award effects
- Fixed bug where waterworks flipper would sometimes freeze
- Fixed chance to only light one special on Advance to Boardwalk
- Added quick ball saver when waterworks throws the ball out the left outlane
- Restored missing BALL SAVED messages and speech
- Fixed ball search at game over to disable flipper buttons
- Changed broken coil messages to be consistant with manual
- Added some speech to token race
- Fixed extra ball show when replay is set to EB
- Improved coil drivers for bank to prevent coil and fuse F21 from overheating
- Fixed credit handlers to be friendly to a $5 bill acceptor.
- Fixed bug where installing Home installed tournament settings.
- Fixed stray lamp glitch on ROLL AND COLLECT lamp
- Fixed some glitches in HSTD entry sounds

CPU Release : 3.02
- Changed waterworks driver to always run the motor in a counter-clockwise direction. This should help games that can't lift the ball out of the hole when the flipper rotates clockwise.
- Game will detect a blown F21 fuse correctly and display an operator warning
- Fixed HSTD resets to show proper tokens on 10-letter HSTD initials
- Fixed Land Grab bug where specials were awarding on the outlanes and rotating on the slingshots during the collection and total phase.

CPU Release : 3.03
Date : June 18, 2002
- Slight fix to switch scanning on bill validators to handle switches correctly when balls are missing from the game.


Designer : Pat Lawlor (PML)
Artwork : John Youssi
Software : Louis Koziarz (KOZ), Greg Dunlap
DMD Animation : Kurt Andersen
Mechanics : John Krutsch (JRK)
Music and Sounds : Chris Granner (Incredible Technologies)


Game's ROM.