Monopoly - Grand Hotel

A 16-year-old Slot Machine by WMS Gaming, Inc.

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Monopoly - Grand Hotel © 2002 WMS Gaming.

Everyone loves and recognizes the MONOPOLY hotels-those bright red game pieces that grant the richest rewards on the board. Players will experience the luxurious life of a hotel owner in the MONOPOLY themed slot game, Grand Hotel!

When three or more hotel symbols appear on an active payline, the Tycoon Bonus begins. MR. MONOPOLY and the MONOPOLY board appear, and the player is prompted to select a railroad. The player chooses a railroad and is awarded between eight and 16 hotel guests which all stand in the middle of the board waiting to enter a property. A set of 22 property cards then appear face down in the center. The player chooses five of these deed cards to find out which properties to build their hotels on. If the player completes all of the properties in a color group, those properties double in value. As each card is picked, a hotel appears on that property, and the guests become more and more excited.

When the last property is chosen, the guests in the center of the top screen start running to the properties. Guests may enter a number of different properties to receive exciting rewards including a hotel to receive a large award, the GO! square to collect all hotel awards, a railroad to bring on three to five additional guests, the Electric Company and Community Chest to receive a Top Box Hotel Room pay, and much more!

Three or more scattered Elevator symbols trigger the Elevator Free Spin Bonus. The player selects an elevator button to receive between six and 10 free spins and is awarded credits for all normal line pays occurring during the bonus. During the free spins, winning combinations of three or more Going Up symbols on an active payline award a Hotel Room pay. The lights of each room on the hotel top-box illuminate floor-by-floor until stopping on a random level. All the windows on that floor light up then go out one at a time. The player is awarded the value that appears in the last window that stays lit.

Players will come for the hotels... and they’ll stay for the fun!


Five-reel video slot available in 15 line, 15/45/60/75/90/150/300 coin versions.

Five-reel video slot available in 9 line, 9/18/27/45/90/180 coin versions.


Released in September 2002.

MONOPOLY, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment.


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