Missile Command [Model SLUS-00992]

Sony PlayStation CD published 23 years ago by Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Missile Command © 1999 Hasbro Interactive, Incorporated.

A 3-D remake of the 1980 Atari arcade classic with 2 modes of play:

Classic - The original game, from 1980, with modernized graphics.

Ultimate - The core game in this remake. You travel to hot zones around the world and fight off waves of attacks, as in the original game. Successfully defend an entire region, and you will be launched into near-Earth space to attack and destroy the mothership from which the most recent attacks were launched.

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Game ID: SLUS-00992


Missile Command for Sony PlayStation was released on November 26, 1999 in North America.

Export releases:
[EU] "Missile Command [Model SLES-02245]"


Meyer/Glass Interactive
Producer: Ed Fletcher
Associate Producer: Michael Rea
Game Design: Michael Rea, Roscoe Possidente
Art Director: Michael Haire
Artists: Alan Denham, Jeannie Kim, Bill Podurgiel, Michael Vanaselja, Ken W. Whitman, Aleksey Zolotaryov
3-D Programming: Ned Way
Programming: Ed Fletcher, David McKibbin, Scott D. Ramsay, Brian Whooley, Robert Riebau
Additional Programming: David Harr
Tools: Daniel Broder, Michael Springer
Technical Support: Daniel Broder, Michael Springer
Game Cinematics: Rainbow Studios
Sound Production: Roscoe Possidente
Music: Jeff van Dyck
Additional Music: Psychonaut Productions
Sound Effects: Jeff van Dyck, Angela van Dyck
Quality Assurance: Absolute Quality Inc.
Play Testing: Sarah Fletcher, Zach Fletcher, Ryan McKibbin, Judd Meyer, Matt Trader, Alex Trader

Hasbro Interactive
President: Thomas Dusenberry
Producer: Thomas J. Zahorik
Executive Producer: Michael S. Glosecki (Big Mike)
Designer: Scott Balaban
Creative Director: David Walls
Senior Product Manager: Mark Goodreau
Associate Product Manager: Matt Collins
Director of Project Management: Rob Sears
Creative Officer: John Sutyak
V.P. Research and Development: Tony Parks
V.P. of Technology: Rich Reily
Localization Project Manager: Anton Lorton
Lead Tester (Europe): Stuart Thody
Brand Manager (Europe): Matt Carroll
Director of Quality Assurance: Michael Craighead
Q.A. Manager: Kurt Boutin
Q.A. Supervisor: Andy Mazurek
Testers: Mark Huggins, Jennifer Kaczor, Randy Lee, Dan McJilton, Jacob Hopkins
General Manager, Marketing: John Hurlbut, Jim Buchanan
V.P. of Marketing: Richard Cleveland
Director of Marketing Services: George Burtch
Channel Marketing Director: Tim Evans
Channel Marketing Manager: Sarah McIlroy
Director of Public Relations: Laura Tomasetti
Chief Visual Officer: Steve Webster
Creative Services Manager: Kathryn Lynch
Manager of Creative Services: Steve Martin
Graphic Designers: David Cronin, Patricia McCarthy
Manager, Editorial and Documentation Services: Elizabeth Mackney
Documentation Manager: John Possidente
Manager of Technical Services: Tony Moreira
Director of Operations: Bob Sadacca
Operations and Special Projects Manager: Tracy Kureta
Legal and Finance: Laurel Marchessault, Donna Mahan, Linda Ferros

Hasbro Interactive Worldwide
Managing Director: Tim Christian
Commercial Director, European Division: Scott Dodkins
Strategic Marketing Director, International: Dominic Myers
Brands Director International: Kate Webster
Finance Manager: Janet Oakes
Director of Public Relations: Jason Dutton
Creative Director: Steve Cross
Head of Localization: Samantha Parker
Operations Manager: Jon Darlison
Technical Services Manager: Roger Carpenter
Business Development Manager: Justin Gaffney
Internet Marketing Manager: James Sheahan


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