Missile Command

PC/MS-Windows CD published 23 years ago by Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

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Missile Command © 1999 Hasbro Interactive, Incorporated.

A 3-D remake of the 1980 Atari arcade classic with 2 modes of play :

Classic - The original game, from 1980, with modernized graphics.

Ultimate - The core game in this remake. You travel to hot zones around the world and fight off waves of attacks, as in the original game. Successfully defend an entire region, and you will be launched into near-Earth space to attack and destroy the mothership from which the most recent attacks were launched.


North American version released in 1999.
European version released in 2000.

Re-released on April 30, 2002 as part of "Atari Revival" in North America only.


Developed by: Meyer, Glass Interactive