Miss Piggy's Wedding [Model CX26113]

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 41 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Miss Piggy's Wedding [Model CX26113] screenshot

Miss Piggy's Wedding © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

Miss Piggy's Wedding is a maze game in which one player controls Miss Piggy and the other player controls Kermit. The story line says that Kermit has had second thoughts about marrying Miss Piggy, and so he's decided to make a run for it. Miss Piggy will have none of this, and has decided to track down poor Kermit and force him to marry her. Kermit must maneuver his way through the church and make his way to the cab waiting for him at the bottom of the screen.

While Kermit is wandering the maze, he'll encounter wedding guests (the blocks), which will attempt to block his path. Kermit will also find a key that randomly moves through the maze, touching the key as Kermit will cause the entrances on the top and bottom of the screen to open (allowing Kermit to make his getaway) and touching the key as Miss Piggy will cause them to close (trapping poor Kermit in the church). Gonzo (the minister) is present at the top of the screen, but doesn't seem to do anything in this version.


Model CX26113


Unreleased prototype.

Despite being coded in mid-1983 and scheduled for a Fall release, it appears to be based on the wedding scene finale of The Muppets Take Manhattan which wasn’t released until July of 1984. However since Atari had a deal to produce games based on the Muppets, the mostly likely explanation for this discrepancy is that they were given an advance copy of the script so they could start coding the game. The fact that the game depicts Gonzo as the minister (as he was in the original script) instead of a regular human (played by Cyril Jenkins in the movie) and the fact that the film was originally planned to start filming in early 1983 (for a fall release) adds credence to this explanation. Oddly enough Kermit doesn’t run away from the altar in the movie, but it wouldn’t be much of a game if he just stood there.


Programmer: Suki Lee


Game's ROM.