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Minna no Golf [Model SCPS-10042]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Sony Computer Ent., Inc.

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Minna no Golf © 1997 Sony Computer Ent., Inc.

Most of us will never be a Tiger Woods, but with Minna no Golf, you can still learn the skills and play the game, without having to cope with a super realistic sports simulation that's too difficult to control.

Minna no Golf has great playability, using cartoon-style characters rather than realistic-looking players - it should especially attract younger players. This is done without compromising the game mechanics and physics however, which remain as lifelike as the real thing. Each of the ten characters possess an individual blend of skills and attributes, which players can use to their best advantage over a number of different courses and competitions

This unique approach to golf offers something for everybody - Minna no Golf!!


Game ID: SCPS-10042


Released on July 17, 1997 in Japan.

[JP] "Minna no Golf [Model SCPS-91126]"

Export releases:
[EU] "Everybody's Golf [Model SCES-00983]"
[US] "Hot Shots Golf [Model SCUS-94188]"

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