Millionaire [Powerball]

Slot Machine published by WMS Gaming, Inc.

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Millionaire [Powerball] © 200? WMS Gaming.

5-reel video slot.



* Millionaire Dream Bonus : The player chooses a scratch ticket, which awards the player with credits, 3 free tickets, or JACKPOT. After all the ticket picks have been used, if any JACKPOT symbols have been collected, the view pans to the magazine rack. Each row is labeled with the specific JACKPOT level required to access it. The player gets one pick from a row to collect credits.

* 3 Fast Match Feature : Anytime a Fast Match Feature symbol appears on the 5th reel, each ball on the symbol will rotate to reveal a digit. If one of the numbers on the symbol matches one of the Fast Match numbers, the player wins the value of the matching ball from the reel. If 2 or 3 balls match, additional credits are awarded along with the matching ball values. If the player touches the Fast Match balls in the upper right corner, new ones appear.

* The 3 x 3 Local-Area Progressive Matrix Bonus : Three Bonus symbols on an active payline trigger the Matrix bonus. The player selects balls — Red, White, or Blue and one of three local progressive categories: Grand, Super, or Mega — until three balls match, awarding that progressive value. A revealed ball can turn into a cluster that allows the player to win 3 progressives at the same time (row or column) or 'Award All', allowing the player to win all nine jackpots if three are matched. A second array containing six red lotto balls appears. The player picks one of the balls, revealing an additional credit award or 'Keep Going' where the player gets to continue picking until another progressive award is won. LAP awards increase as players increase their bet. Max coin bet is not required to qualify for LAP jackpots. Max coin bet is required to qualify for WAP jackpot.


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