Midnight Resistance

A 28-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Ocean Soft.

Midnight Resistance screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Midnight Resistance © 1990 Ocean Software, Limited.

A ruthless Commissar, leader of a vicious regime of megalomaniacs, has kidnapped your family, (including your Grandfather - a world famous scientist) in a desperate bid for dictatorial power over the earth. Can you rescue your relatives before the evil Commissar forces your Grandfather to use his superior weaponry research in order to enforce his own tyranny throughout the planet? Pit your wits against an obsessive army, their tortuous traps and a convoy of menacing machinery.


48K - Type LOAD"" (ENTER)
128K - Use LOADER


When destroyed, some of the enemies will drop keys which you may collect. You can only carry six. These may be used to buy extra weapons, back-packs and features from the weapon rooms.

These are situated at the end of each level and contain six different types of weapon. However you have a limited budget so you must be careful when making your selection The weapons within your budget will flash as you walk post their cabinets and to make your purchase you must jump up and collect it as it falls.

Game's screenshots.