MercRacer 3000

A 17-year-old Arcade Video Game by GreyStone Technology

Not emulated in MAME


MercRacer 3000 © 2001 GreyStone Technology.

Climb aboard MercRacer 3000? hosting Canyon Fighter? the game and immerse yourself in a world beyond imagination. Get ready for some high-G combat racing! You - and up to 3 friends - pilot futuristic aircraft through fiendish 3-D gauntlets designed to test your flying skills and fighting savvy to the max! Armed with limited pulse lasers and defensive force shields, you must navigate the narrow canyons in search of Rocket and Rapid-Fire power-ups that let you blast both defensive guns and rival pilots to space dust! Push the throttle to earn extra time at the checkpoints and beat your opponents to the finish line.


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