Mega Force [Model 11005]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

Mega Force [Model 11005] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Mega Force © 1982 20th Century Fox

Because of your reputation as a clever and daring memeber of the MEGAFORCE, you have been sent to Sardoun, a strategically importantDemocratic nation currently under attack. Your mission is to destroy the Enemy Headquaters. Armed with the world's most advanced fighting machine, the Moto-Fighter, you are dropped off just outside Sardoun.
You must pass the city and make your way across the barren desert to the Enemy Headquarters on a limited supply of fuel. You'll be challenged the entire way by heavy air and ground attack. Should you travel too far into the barren desert, flashing arrows will direct you back toward the enemy--that's the only help you can expect.


Model 11005


PALM TREES, LAKES AND ARROWS: Blasting these will have no effect on the game.

GROUND ROCKETS: These can be destroyed only BEFORE they are launched from the ground. You receive 300 points for each one shot to pieces.

ENEMY AIRCRAFT: These are worth 100 points each. Any allowed to pass by may head straight for Sardoun on a bombing raid. Every time an enemy bomb blows up a Sardounian tower, the information bar will flash to white and you will hear a muffled explosion.

SARDOUN (WHITE): Each tower destroyed is worth 100-400 points and adds 10 gallons of Fuel to your tank. Remember, however, once Sardoun is destroyed you cannot earn nay more points during that round AND you lose a MOto-Fighter at the end of the round.

ENEMY HEADQUARTES (BLACK): Each tower exploded is worth 300-600 points. Total destruction of the Enemy Headquarters ends that round and adds on 1 additional point.

FUEL DEPOTS: Each tank demolished is worth 80 points and 10 gallons of Fuel. If the entire Dpot is destroyed, a Prize will appear in that area which you can also shoot.

PRIZES: If allowed to scroll off the screen, they will disappear. Make sure they are 'safe' Prizes, then shoot them right away. Don't shoot Enemy Aircraft or Ground Rockets found under the Fuel Depots. The consequences are severe.


Ground Rockets are able to rise to the top of the screen in order to reach you. You can elude them (unless they are directly under you) by quickly reversing the Moto-Fighter's direction. At the higher levels, however, it is safer to avoid the Ground Rockets and go on to the next round.

If you need to rest for a bit, head for the desert area left of Sardoun or right of Enemy Headquarters. Enemy Aircraft cannot fly into these areas and while you are there they will not bomb Sardoun.


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