Maze Me Crazy

A Coin-op Redemption Game by TJMPO

Not emulated in MAME


Maze Me Crazy © 200? DSM.

Maze Me Crazy develops hand-eye coordination as it gives the player a chance to steer a ball through a giant disc maze. The player races against time, as they steer a ball around the turning maze to a possibility of seven different checkpoints. As players work through each maze, optical sensors audibly indicate when the ball has hit the checkpoint.

The difficulty of play increases as the players skill impoves adding more goal points and higher scores with less time to achieve them. The player earns points by reaching each checkpoint. Truly a skill game to challenge all who play.


Maze Me Crazy the Coin-op Redemption Game
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Height : 81inches/2060mm
Width : 42.25inches/1150mm
Length : 111.25inches/2825
Weight : 1386lbs/630kgs

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