Match Maker

A 11-year-old Coin-op Fortune Teller by LAI Games

Not emulated in MAME


Match Maker © 2007 Leisure and Allied.

Match Maker is a coin-operated relationship compatibility and romance advice game which allows users to test their compatibility with another person. Player's enter their name and birthdate into the 17inch touch screen, as well as the name and birthdate of another person. The game tabulates the information and dispenses a colorful printout containing the couple's compatibility profile, weekly romance advice and a special lucky day and lucky number tip of the week.


Dimensions :
191cmH x 71cmW x 69cmL
75inchH x 28inchW x 27inchL
Weight : 400lbs/181kg

17" touch screen monitor
CD containing background artwork
Uses standard size paper
Player selectable English/Spanish settings
700 DBA ready
Includes a HP 1022 Black and White Laser Jet Printer


The game was prewieved at the August 2007 AAMA Gala.

Match Maker comes with a Celebrity Kit, which displays celebrities birthdays, and allows users to see how compatible they are with world famous celebrities.