Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man [Model 4689]

A 35-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man © 1983 Mattel Electronics.

THE ADVENTURE: HE-MAN leaps into his WIND RAIDER and takes off. You have 5 chances with which to fly him to the edge of the wilderness realm of SKELETOR, 30 miles away. There is limited fuel for the perilous journey through swarms of fireballs. If your fuel runs low or you're hit by a fireball, you lose a chance. You can duck, dodge or blast away the fireballs with the bombs and cannon on board the WIND RAIDER, but if you use up all of your chances the chase is over. If you make the 30 miles, HE-MAN leaps from the WIND RAIDER to continue the pursuit of SKELETOR on foot, through mountains, forests and finally CASTLE GRAYSKULL itself. HE-MAN must ward off the lightning-balls, power bolts and magic swords of SKELETOR, who fights for time to cast the magic cyclone spell which can carry HE-MAN away. If HE-MAN gets to SKELETOR in time, they draw their swords and duel until SKELETOR runs away to fight again... but first you have to catch him!


Model 4689

UPPER SIDE BUTTONS: Fire Cannon / Raise Shield
LOWER SIDE BUTTONS: Bomb Release / Raise Shield


Fireball shot down or bombed: 500 points
SKELETOR falls in crater: 1000 points
Each gallon of fuel remaining when WIND RAIDER lands: 1000 points

Lightning-ball or power-bolt hits shield: 50 points
Mountain Screen: 10,000 points
Forest Screen: 15,000 points
CASTLE GRAYSKULL Screen: 20,000 points

Magic Sword:
Mountain Screen: 1,000 points
Forest Screen: 1,500 points
CASTLE GRAYSKULL Screen: 2,000 points

If you cross any screen without raising the shield, it's worth a 10,000 point bonus.

You get 200 bonus points for each second remaining after crossing the Castle Screen. The time bonus increases to 400 points per second at higher skill levels.


* Each 100,000 points you score, HE-MAN gets another chance. (Screen will only display up to 9 chances; if you earn more, the game will keep track of them but only show a 9 onscreen.)

* Catching the drifting magic sword is worth 5 extra seconds at the lowest skill level, more at higher skill levels.

* Start slow and try to keep the action going as long as possible. Avoid spending time and fuel on fancy maneuvering, at least until the basic moves -- firing, bombing, turning, shield-raising, broken-field running and other evasions -- become more natural and rapid, as they will with practice. To get an idea of what is possible for YOU to do, be sure to watch the demonstration which follows the title screen.


Program: Rick Koenig, Ray Kaestner
Graphics: Connie Goldman
Music/Sound effects: Joshua Jeffe

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