Martian Threat [Model 67]

A 10-year-old Phillips Videopac Game by Classic Consoles Center

Martian Threat [Model 67] screenshot

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Martian Threat © 2008 Classic Consoles Center.


Game ID: 67


In November 1996 Dutch collector Marco Kerstens bought a lot of Videopac EPROMs which had been found on a flea market in the Netherlands. The EPROMS contained an almost complete collection of all the released Videopac games, but also a few games that were never released. One of them was a game called 'Jake' – at least this name appears on the title screen.

Over the following years, a few more copies of that game were found, and even a type-written manual. So it has been found out that the original title of the game is probably 'Martian Threat'. It was written by GST Video (like Norseman, Blobbers and the unreleased games Shark Hunter and Interpol).

Two versions of the game were found over the years, but they show only minor differences. Martian Threat seems to be complete and is fully playable. So it has been decided to bring that game to the Videopac community on cart with original style label, English manual and inlay for a Videopac+ box.

Martian Threat was released at Eurocon/Retrobörse on October 11, 2008 in Karlsruhe and was available via mail order. It was limited to 100 copies.

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