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Martial Masters

IGS PGM cart. published 18 years ago by IGS

Martial Masters screenshot

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Martial Masters © 2001 IGS Company, Limited.

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IGS PGM hardware

Main CPU : Motorola 68000, Zilog Z80, ARM7
Sound Chips : ICS2115

Players : 4
Control : 8-way Joystick
Buttons : 4


Martial Masters was released in April 26, 2000 in China, USA, Taiwan and Japan.

In China, the game is known as "Xing Yi Quan" (pronounce "Shin Yi Ken").


* Challenge Fateful Enemy/Level Skip : At the character selection screen, hold start and press A to choose your character.

* Crazy Mode : Press and hold UP on both control sticks while holding down the P1, P2 and A,B,C and D buttons on both sides before the start of the first round.
NOTE : Crazy Mode can only be used in a 2-Player vs game.

* Expert Mode : At the title screen press Start while holding down the A,B,C, and D buttons

* Easy Way To Unlock Saojin : Play the game for a little while (a couple of rounds will do), then access the CALENDAR SETTING option from the MAIN MENU. At this time change the date so that it is a month or two ahead of what it was originally, then exit the MAIN MENU. Now when you reach the PLAYER SELECT screen you should see a box over Master Huang's head with a number in it (99). After entering 99 credits, the box should disappear and Saojin's portrait should be there. She is now selectable.
NOTE : If this code doesn't work for you at first, clear the old MM data then follow the above steps.


Executive Producer : Ming-Der Tsai
Chief Consultant : Ray
Chief Director : Zhi-Zhong Yin
System Programmer : L.C.N
Programmer : Michell, Y.C.A
Program Support : Ray, H.S.W
Planner : Zhi-Zhong Yin, K.S, Zhong- Ren Gao
Character Design : Ming-Qin Tsai, Joseph, James, Muta, K.S, Yin, Rong-Chang Xie, P.S, Benson, Ponpon
Music : Eddie, Morisson
Sound Effect : Dean, James
Art Director : Suan
Animation Director : Joseph
Animation Consultant : Ming-Qin Tsai, Joseph
Original Art : Ming-Qin Tsai, Joseph, Yao-kun Lai, Samuel Chu, George
Animation Checker : Muta
Animator : Ponpon, Benson, Sue-Ping Chen, W.C.L, Baby Boy, L.H.Z, LEI, A.B.S, James, Maggi, Chung, S.K.S
Titles & Demo : Suan, W.C.L
Layout : Suan
Background : Y.K.S, L.S.J, Jeffery, Swallow Yang
Art Designer: Benson, Muta, L.G.W, Chiu, Elvis Chen, P.S, Job, C.H. Jiun, Gun, Pipy, Kai, Seed, Alien, Michael
Special Effect : Benson, Hark Lin, Lei
Tester : LA. I GI, B.B, Lockhart, Hugo, J.G.L
Producer : Ko-Chu Lee, Paul Chiang, A.C. CHEN, Tzung-Hui Cheng
Executive Producer : Benson, James, Yin, Rong-Chang Xie, P.S, LEI, A.B.S
Announcer : James, Kang Dian Hong, Lei Wei Yuan, Fang Xi, Fang Yi De, Fan Rui Jun, Wang Bo Sen, Huang Shi Wei, Gray Gleason
Special Thanks : Guo-Jun Liu, Chin, Bin-Yi Xu, jeans, Max, Jenny, Joey, Din

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Official website: http://www.igs.com.tw/chinese/product/martial/martial.htm