Maria ni Sasageru Ballade

The NEC PC-98 series Disk. by Fairytale

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[COMPUTER] NEC PC-98 series Disk.

マリアに捧げるバラード © 1995 Fairytale.

(Maria ni Sasageru Ballade)


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Released on May 26, 1995 in Japan.


Directed by: Hajime Kanasugi
Original Story by: Junko Ojima
Music Produced by: Akira (MUSE)
Singer: Eriko Hashimoto
Recording Director: Yoshihito Hata (MUSE)
Game Scenario: Junko Ojima, Kenichi Hirono
Story Idea: Hajime Kanasugi
Program: Yutaka Ishihara
Graphic Edit: Studio Nova, Sumio Fujii
Picture Contents: Gen Shiomi
Character Designer: Yuji Koyama
Cell Works: Production AI Inc.
Original Picture Produced by: Matsunaga (Tom Boy)
Book Design: Schecter & LC520
Special Thanx: Kensuke Ide
Cover Design: Takeshi Nakamura
Photo: Akeo Nomura (Studio Step)
Model: Masae
Produced by: Hajime Kanasugi

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