Mantic Orb

A Slot Machine by Gamey Industries

Not emulated in MAME


Mantic Orb © 200? Gamey Industries.

Four elements - fire, water, wind and air. Unit them all and look straight in your past, present and future with our game. Its stereo sounds, esoteric music give it a touch of mysticique. 15 lines, 5 reels, Free Games Bonus, Gift from Mantic searching Bonus and Falling Star scatter bonus- plot of this game, secrets of multiplying numbers and prizes will keep you up all day and night.


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'Gift from Mantic' Bonus Game : When player line-up 5 'Mantic Orb' symbols, screen with Bonus Games will appear. If player chooses 'Free Games' Bonus, than number of bonus games will be hidden in chests. Player has only one try and when he picks one, all other numbers are also shown. Number which multiplies his bets and wins in each Free game, will appear on the Mantic Orb. Every free game is winning.
If player chooses 'Gift from Mantic' Bonus Game, than value of his prize will be hidden in chests. When the player picks one, all other numbers are also shown. At the same time number on the mantic orb appears and indicates what number multiplies his winning.