Major League Baseball [Model 2614]

A 40-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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Major League Baseball © 1978 Mattel Electronics

Two 9-man teams, 9 full innings! Batter up! You wait for your pitch. Swing away. Draw a walk, drop a bunt! In the field you go for the double play. Play long balls off the wall, try for a pickoff. This one has it all! Grand slams, steals, Texas Leaguers! Bring your own rhubarb!


Model 2614

To throw the ball to any defensive player, push down on the number of the FIELDER who will RECEIVE the ball:

[1] Left Field
[2] Center Field
[3] Right Field
[4] Shortstop
[6] Second Base
[7] Third Base
[8] Pitcher
[9] First Base
[0] Catcher

SWING BAT: either upper side button
BUNT: either lower side button

DIRECTION DISC: Press disc to do three things: 1. To pitch. 2. To move runners forward or back on the bases. 3. To move fielders, send them after the ball.


Developed at APh during 1979, Major League Baseball came out in 1980 and went on to become the best selling Intellivision cartridge, with 1,085,700 shipped as of June 4, 1983. After Mattel Electronics went out of business, INTV Corp. changed the name of the cartridge to Big League Baseball rather than pay to renew the Major League Baseball trademark license.


Program: David Rolfe

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