Magic Neon [Challenge Ball]

A 38-year-old Pachinko by Taiyo

Not emulated in MAME


Magic Neon [Challenge Ball] © 1980 Taiyo Elec.

Player deposits token to start game at which time 16 balls roll down to shooter area. The player then shoots the balls into numbered pockets on the playfield which then light the corresponding number on the center matrix. Columns, rows, and the center four score 1,2,and 3 respectively. At game start, the 4 pink squares on either side of the matrix sequentially light. These squares contain symbols. When a row, column, etc is made, the sequential light stops and the player is awarded either a token, 2 corner numbers, a diagonal row of numbers, or nothing. The top pocket with a number 2 on it will double your score and also turns on a red light to let the player know his score will be doubled. Also, the number 5 lights. The lower left and right pockets add 1 to the score and the bottom center pocket lights 2 numbers.

The player's score is displayed by a LED readout in the upper right of the playfield and the machine has various sound effects throughout game play.


Magic Neon [Challenge Ball] the Pachinko
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