Magic Hat

A 15-year-old Slot Machine by Octavian Italy srl

Not emulated in MAME


Magic Hat © 2003 Octavian.

A 5-reel 10-line video slot.


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* Magic Hat Bonus : 3, 4 or 5 'rabbit' symbols landed on an active line from left to right or from right to left initiate the bonus feature. Select any magic hat, it will be put on the rabbit and pay you a bonus win. The rabbit will change its height. Select the hats until the rabbit reaches the COLLECT mark. Once this happens the rabbit goes to the second bonus screen where you must select one of three doors. There may be a multiplier (x2), an additional win or nothing behind the door. The final bonus award will be shown in the 'TOTAL BONUS WIN' display.

* 5 O'clock Tea Bonus : 5 'cup' symbols in any place in the pay window start the bonus feature. Offer seats to the guests at the table by selecting a chair and touch the 'SPIN' button. The wins are shown in the cups. Under the cake there may be a multiplier x2, x3 or x4, a magic wand that increases all wins in the cups and a teakettle that fills up the empty cup. The wins are added and shown in the 'BONUS WIN' display. A guest will leave the table if an empty cup will stop in front. The bonus game will end when all the guests go away.

* Mystery Bonus : 'Cup' and 'watch' symbols lined up on adjacent reels pay a mystery bonus from 10 to 150 line bets.