Machine Hunter [Model SLES-00831]

A 21-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by MGM Interactive

Not emulated in MAME


Machine Hunter © 1997 MGM Interactive.


Game ID: SLES-00831


Released on August 01, 1997 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "Machine Hunter [Model SLUS-00470]"
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Eurocom Entertainment Software
Programmed by: David Pridmore, Mark Hetherington, Kevin Grantham, Simon Tillson
Additional programming: Ashley Finney, Kevin Stainwright, Paul Bates
Tools programming: Andy Mitchell, Chris Jackson, Chris Morris
Produced by: Mark Hetherington
Graphics by: Andy Bee, Rob Benton, Adrian Mannion, Nick Dry
Additional graphics by: Clive Stevenson, Lee Ames
Animation by: Colin Garrat, Darren Hyland
Audio by: Neil Baldwin
Worlds designed by: Rob Craven
Original concept: Hugh Binns, Mat Sneap
QA team: Kevin Holt, Andrew Collins, Aaron Jenkins, Kevin Harvey

MGM Interactive
Director of Production: Robb Alvey
Assistant Producer: Sean Wilson
QA Manager: Rawson Law Stovall
QA Lead: Chuck Bonini, Rue Hon
QA team: Mark Harwood, Dalan Musson, Chris Strompolos
European Liaison: James Banting