M.A.D. [Model VC1012]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by US Games

Emulated in MAME !

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M.A.D. © 1982 US Games Corp.

Defend your future civilization's energy supply against waves of devious attack missiles. Your energy stations stand vulnerable... use your ground based Photon Cannon and pit yourself against computer controlled missiles, or, let another player guide the missiles, and do battle head to head. Each wave of missiles becomes more aggressive and intense. Grabe your controller and prepare for a furious battle.

Game 1 - One Player: Computer will lock onto a missile; it will turn white before falling.
Game 2 - Two Player: Player One has red score and ground; Player Two has green score and ground. Each player completes the same number of rounds (offense and defense).


Model VC1012


Each missile shot down by your Photon Cannon in waves 1 to 6 = 100 points.
Each missile shot down after wave 6 = 200 points.


* Single player game: Watch out for wave four when the ships come from both sides and are all white. You don't get a warning when they are going to drop. Protect yourself by firing first at the lower missiles.

* Firing tips: Only two shots can appear on screen at one time, so timing is critical. In early waves use first shot to help aim a more accurate second shot. Don't stop firing during an explosion (even if you need sunglasses!). If a missile is heading for your Photon Cannon, wait until it is almost on top of you before firing. That way you can be more accurate (if you've got the nerve).

* Two player game: Defense (firing Photon Cannon): follow the cursor and aim slightly below it to allow for quick falling missiles.

* Two player game: Offense (locking onto missiles for dropping): if you can successfully drop a missile on the Photon Cannon, the cannon is inoperable for two seconds, and you have a chance to drop a missile more accurately.

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